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Implants in the 
Aesthetic Zone!

Master decision making and techniques for successful and lasting implant treatment in the aesthetic zone! From digital treatment planning to selection of implants and prosthetic design, bone and soft tissue augmentation, immediacy, learn step-by-step the pathways and tools for success in a challenging anatomy! 
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Dr. Nikos Mattheos

Mastering Implant Complications !

Learn how to find the real causes of implant failures and master step-by-step the proper management strategies for implant Biological and Technical complications! 
Packed with clinically relevant information and "how to" video demonstrations, an eye-opening Masterclass for every implant practitioner!
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Mastering Peri-implantitis Surgery!

 A clinically oriented practical update focused on the development of surgical competences!

Learn how to diagnose, identify the different types of defects and design the most effective individualised surgical interventions! A step by step clinically oriented course on the techniques, devices and protocols and how to utilise them!

$ 320

Our Masterclasses are organised in "Foundation" and "Add-ons":
"Foundation" is the intensive course that helps you build the complete set of knowledge and understanding of a topic. It includes webinars, case-based learning, How-to videos, assignments, assessments and discussions. 
"Add-ons" are optional special courses intended for graduates of the foundation, as they target some specific advanced skills and supplement the foundation levels. Some of the add-on courses are only available to graduates of foundation courses, some can be attended as a bundle. 
For example, such courses can be:
-  "Hands-on" live workshops, where specific procedures are being taught and perfected online, by means of tailored-made models and devices.
- "Study Clubs", which are mentored small groups for regular case discussions in real time, treatment planning and continuous growth and learning toward the students objectives.
- "Live Surgeries", where specific procedures on patients are demonstrated live, through high quality streaming with interaction. 

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Coming in 2022:

Mastering Implant Complications
coming in  Summer 2021 

Live mentored Study Club!
Continue growing with the support of a mentored small group study club from the comfort of your clinic! Bring up your challenging cases or join discussion with others, receive mentoring and scientific update on a regular basis within a small cycle of trusted colleagues and friends!