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Mastering Peri-implantitis Surgery
29th May 2021 - in Hong Kong only 

Hands-on training add on!
Complete your learning experience with a hands-on training session! This practical session is an add-on to the Mastering Implant Complications Masterclass and is delivered at CDE in Hong Kong, by means of a custom made training pack and tailored made models.

Mastering Implant Complications
coming in  Summer 2021 

Live mentored Study Club!
Continue growing with the support of a mentored small group study club from the comfort of your clinic! Bring up your challenging cases or join discussion with others, receive mentoring and scientific update on a regular basis within a small cycle of trusted colleagues and friends!

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Our Masterclasses are organised in "Foundation" and "Add-ons":
"Foundation" is the intensive course that helps you build the complete set of knowledge and understanding of a topic. It includes webinars, case-based learning, How-to videos, assignments, assessments and discussions. 
"Add-ons" are optional special courses intended for graduates of the foundation, as they target some specific advanced skills and supplement the foundation levels. Some of the add-on courses are only available to graduates of foundation courses, some can be attended as a bundle. 
For example, such courses can be:
-  "Hands-on" live workshops, where specific procedures are being taught and perfected online, by means of tailored-made models and devices.
- "Study Clubs", which are mentored small groups for regular case discussions in real time, treatment planning and continuous growth and learning toward the students objectives.
- "Live Surgeries", where specific procedures on patients are demonstrated live, through high quality streaming with interaction. 

Coming in 2021: